How to the built-in public?

  1. You can follow the process on and subscribe to the "Community Newsletter"
  2. We will update the website daily according to finished chapters, articles, or other content.
  3. All written content will be accessible on as a draft with a status emoji "📝" on the title.
  4. Here are status emojis of articles for the process: 📐- Planning / ✍️ - Writing / 📝 - Draft Finished / 👨🏽‍💻- Open for comments / ✅ Published.
  5. We will send a newsletter when an article is ready to comment and get feedback. Please subscribe: "Communit.y Newsletter"
  6. After comments are collected, we will rewrite the article's final version.
  7. Next step, we will change the article's status to Published.
    (Still, you can share feedback)
  8. The process will continue until all the chapters and episodes are finished.
  9. For feedback and connection, please email